Some cash on hand is a good idea, but stashing it under a mattress is probably not a wise decision. Most of us understand that to be a smart investor we should diversify our financial investments and look for ways to increase our ROI. So, why do so many small businesses think it is okay to invest in only one form of advertising?

I am always perplexed when I see a business choose just one or two marketing or advertising methods and focus on them exclusively. It can be dangerous if you take it too far because you leave yourself and your business open to stagnation or, even worse, loss of income.

In today’s world, most consumers will require a combination of different media so that they will see you over and over again and remember you. Choosing a variety of marketing platforms (online and offline), that are an ideal combination for your target audience, is critical.

Choosing the right mix of media requires that you genuinely understand your customers and prospects. You must understanding their needs, and where they are most receptive to communicated messages. In today’s social media environment, you also need to understanding how to encourage mutually beneficial, ongoing conversations with your customer.

All businesses should be looking for an integrated marketing approach to their advertising so that their business’ survival does not rely on just one marketing tactic to keep them afloat. Do you agree? Do you think it’s possible to have a fail-proof marketing plan? Are you willing to accept that your current plan may not be working?