Everyone in the Advertising business who is involved in creating marketing elements knows that design, photography and copy should be developed together to work seamlessly. Employing each of these professionals full time for most smaller independent agencies is not an option and hiring them on a freelance basis can be a challenge because of budget and time.

A Designer, or what I like to call Visual Communicator, who can wear multiple hats can make their clients’ lives easier, and offer their services at a more cost effective rate.

When I meet with a prospective client for the very first time they usually will present  me with their marketing dilemma. My hope is that they hire me to find a solution to their problem. Marketing is about solving a communication problem and the first lesson that young designers have learned is that design alone can not sell products. Copy combined with great design is what sells the product.

As a Visual Communicator, I have worked for both larger ad agencies, smaller design firms, in-house ad departments to finally owning my own agency. On any given day, I may wear the hat of creative director, publisher, writer, graphic artist, marketer, photographer and web designer. For me, copy and design act as a unified message. Words and images aren’t the goal…helping my clients communicate their message and sell their product is the goal.

Clients like the fact that I can switch roles easily freeing them from working with separate vendors. That saves my clients money, and eliminates the hassle of dealing with numerous consultants explaining things over and over and over again. There’s also a comfort factor when my clients understand that there’s one person who’s creating both their look and their message.

Creative thinking isn’t something that just happens. It comes from a blend of bright ideas, planning and research combining copy to work seamlessly with graphic design. The goal is to engage the reader enough to make a sale for the client.