Here’s a bit of marketing truth that may shock you in today’s tough business environment. Even the most conservative penny pinchers will probably be more willing to pay a little bit more for that perfect funky gift than for the typical, conventional, generic one. And, they will also be more willing to go someplace special to buy it other than the big box stores.

If there is nothing that makes your product or service different other than price, then you will win or lose based on how cheap you are! If you are the only place that carries that really interesting “thing”, then you not only win the sale, but you don’t have to charge the lowest price.

As a business owner, you should be able to explain everything about your company and your product. Why do people purchase your product or service or why they don’t? What makes your product or service better or worse than your competition? Who is your competition? What makes your business stand out from the rest?

Now, this is where it gets tough! You need to really think about it. What if I started a candy shop and you asked me what makes me special and I told you that “My candy is really good.” Does that make you want to lay down your hard earned money for a box of candy?

It’s not that my candies aren’t really good, it’s just that it’s a terrible answer to what makes me unique. By choosing this standard and obvious answer I missed the opportunity to tell you all the really unusual things that set me apart from all the other candy stores.

Every candy store has candy, and it is all good in my opinion! Hundreds or thousands of candy stores can all claim that they have really good candy. So, what reason does any customer have to come to my store? Instead, let’s say we specialize in stocking and recreating candy from your childhood memories! Now that is something special.

Pick the most appropriate and interesting reason your business stands out for your customers and what it is that makes you different. Then, and only then, are you playing to your real uniqueness instead of joining all the others on the race to the cheapest bottom line price.

Once you truly understand what makes you different, you can tell others why they should buy from you instead of your competition! This is the foundation that all your marketing and advertising should be built upon!