To get a readers attention, an ad must make them think and look at a product or service in a new and different way. The best ads will make a consumer change their mind about a product and convince them to switch brands. Advertising must be a mixture of attention getting creative work with a “BANG” concept which will persuade and also get sales results.

It is also important to remember that an ad should raise awareness of a product or service while building future sales by branding. This is done by educating your audience and answering their “why” questions. All great ads have a few things in common, there is no one yelling at you to buy something or treating you like you are stupid. They are simple, memorable and convincing.

When I create an ad, I put myself in the position of the person I’m trying to attract and ask myself what I would want to see if I were interested in buying the product or service. This requires a lot of research into the product and what the competition is doing.

The best advertising should feature good copy, art and design while increasing brand awareness, consumer inquiries and target the clients specific audience. By incorporating all these elements into your ad you can produce more effective marketing communications that help achieve your goals.