My daughter is home for spring break this week and had a blast looking through all our old photo albums. She scanned almost fifty of her favorite images and loaded them up on facebook to share with all her friends. Many of the photo’s I had completely forgotten about and I found myself almost hysterical at the though of her misplacing or not putting them back in the correct chronological order. I fought long and hard to hold onto my film camera and knew what would happen once I went digital. I even carried around the old film camera as backup to the digital one just so I could continue to fill my albums with memories of how quickly time passes. Then, my worst fear happened. I stopped filling albums and starting storing digital files.

That’s how it goes and I am not sad. Technology has changed our lives mostly for the better and made our work easier and more productive. It is interesting that we always seem to fear and resist change when we are not prepared for, or had time to understand. As an example, I see this reaction daily in regard to social media. I have written many articles about how corporations must embrace it or they will fall behind their competition. And still, I am met with that same blank stare that communicates, “I don’t understanding, don’t have time for and am a little afraid of,” social media.

Last week I spoke to a local chamber about social media and one of the other panelists discussed video and how they believe that every website should include it. His view made me stop and think? What about the latest competition between Apples iPhone and Google’s Droid? The iPhone does not support Flash when browsing the web, whereas Droid does. Who will come out the winner in our race with technology and dominate the smart-phone market?

Apple isn’t often faced with such competition. It seems unlikely that they will abandon their attitude concerning the App Store and Adobe Flash. Me? For numerous reasons, I still carry around an outdated cell phone but I love my iMac and my kids and husband love their iPods. My college daughter loves her Macbook Pro. You can hand an iPhone to any small child, and they’ll figure out how to use it pretty quickly. That simplicity of use is one of the things that makes all Mac’s so appealing! I think the future continues to look bright for Steve Jobs. As for me, I am waiting for that one special app for that… toilets! As my daughter would say, “JK.”

We will not be posting this upcoming Good Friday in observance of the anniversary of Jesus Christ’s crucifixion and death on the cross. God sent His Son Jesus to die for the sins of all mankind so that through faith in Jesus, man could be reconciled back to God and have the assurance of everlasting life with his Creator. Take this weekend to consider where your soul will spend eternity. It is your choice to make!