Robert Ripley would have had a great time with many of the stupid marketing mistakes that are made by small businesses today because they balance between the absurd and the ridiculous.

No names please, but someone we know truly believes they can generate sales if they just offer the right product or service. They believe that all they really need to do is print up some business cards, attend a few networking events and sales will magically fly through the door!

They talk about word-of-mouth advertising and how it is key to growing a business. They think that a website is not needed and building a brand identity is out of their reach and too expensive.

Truth is, a website is a very small investment that puts your business in front of thousands of potential customers. Consumers are finding businesses and services exclusively through the internet and they use Google and other search engines to find information about them.

If a business chooses to stay offline, they may be losing potential clients! Forget about the Yellow Pages because most people take them from the door step to the recycling can.

A website reinforces credibility and increases your business reputation. It is your online storefront that is open 24/7 providing potential and existing customers information about your products and your brand.

Consider, if you dare, smartphones and the future of mobile marketing. They have become the most powerful source of local advertising ever invented. Most smartphones are built with a GPS and the apps focus on helping consumers to find local businesses.

Smartphone apps also provide a helpful link to the website of each business that is searched. So, what happens when someone tries to search for your product or service locally and you don’t have a website? Enough said.

Do you have any weird, odd, or unbelievable marketing strategies that you have seen small businesses implement? Share them with us.

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