Non-specific, unfocused language that is irrelevant and less than honest might be able to cut it during good times. But in tough economic times, values and good communication are needed to grab peoples attention, hold on to it and make the connection that stirs action.

Authenticity is a rare commodity, especially in marketing and advertising. Honesty really does win people over in today’s ever-changing, challenging marketplace. The best way to engage your target audience is to speak from the heart and tap into their emotions in a sincere and straightforward way. Speak with passion and purpose but only if you mean it!

Don’t keep doing something just because you’ve always done it or, because, it has worked in the past. Times have changed and the idea of “plain talk” just might work after all. Consumers are very sophisticated and not easily swayed by a company that is less than honest. Consumerism has been served a dose of humility as we’ve watched wealth slip away and the shopping spree end.

Don’t let inertia guide your marketing and advertising including the media you choose. Don’t be afraid to try social media like Facebook and Twitter. The social media revolution is here to stay and it has changed the way people communicate with one another. If you are not utilizing social networking to build support for your product or service or even monitoring what your customer is talking about, you are missing a huge amount of information that is putting you and your company at a competitive disadvantage.

Try new creative and be a little outrageous and courageous by creating more compelling, entertaining, relevant and powerful content that makes a connection. As human beings we all have emotions and this is what connects us with other people. Be willing to share a human experience that reveals a honest human emotion. This will establish credibility and connect you with your audience.

The best advertising should speak just as if you were speaking to a good friend or loved one about a product or service. This is just as powerful as the traditional testimonial in marketing. Consumers have grown resistant to the type of slick, polished advertising that lacks authenticity because of reality television and amateur video on the web. Your copy will be more compelling if it is genuine and factual and less deceitful. That is what your target market wants to see and hear!

So, stop the double-talk and confusing lingo that only makes your audience loose confidence in you or your product! Be bold, direct and tell it like it is and then back it up every day with the way you do business.