Those of you who know me well know that my dad passed away October 18th. It is never easy to loose a parent even when we have gray hair ourselves. About a month after my father passed away, my mother had a subdural hematoma which is bleeding on the brain. When I found her she was unresponsive and I did not think she would survive the surgery she had to have to survive. I even called my husband to prepare my two teenage kids that grandma would not be strong enough to live. Well, one month later and two major brain surgeries behind us, grandma is home living independently. She is my Christmas miracle this holiday season. I am so grateful to my husband and kids who picked up the ball at home and handled everything so I could stay with my mom and see her through this trial. I am also grateful to all my family, friends and business associates who prayed for our family. I do believe that prayer helps us during these times of trials. God wants to hear from us and He wants a personal relationship with us that is so deep we can ask for anything. Sometimes He will tell us “no” just like we say the same to our kids when they ask for certain things that we know it’s in their best interest not to have. So, have a Merry Christmas and a wonderful New Year and seek your own personal relationship with our father, Christ Jesus!