Have you ever opened a scrapbook or photo album and your emotions got the best of you as an old photo took you back in time? That happened to me just last night as I was looking through my son’s baby book. The treasured image was so amazing and beautiful that it brought tears to my eyes.

Photography touches our hearts and the better the image, the more emotion it can draw from us. Photography in advertising can also bring pleasure and joy to potential clients while influencing thoughts, feelings and ultimately behavior.

A quality photo can communicate the essence of a brand and plays an important role in informing and influencing a customer. However, poorly lit, poorly exposed, uncropped, out-of-focus, and badly composed photos can damage your credibility, professionalism and detract from your product, whether online or offline.

Shooting your own photography is okay as long as you have a decent camera and know a thing or two about lighting and composition. It is always a good idea to be critical of what you have taken and consider the visual impression and message it sends. Images that convey a strong story, powerful mood and appeal are as important as those perfectly focused photos with ideal lighting.

Stock photography is an option but you must also be careful and make sure that any image you choose looks authentic and real. Any stock image used in advertising must convey the appropriate feelings and emotions as they relate to a brand and overall marketing message.

Ideally, a professional photographer can do the best job of taking photos of you, your business and products. They have the creative eye, professional skills and equipment to shoot quality and consistent looking images of your business that can make the difference between a sale or no sale.

Think twice before you send any photo off to be printed or uploaded online. Make sure to ask yourself if the image showcases your products, looks professional and will engage and interest your potential customer with a rich and appealing story that will sell.

It is a proven fact that dynamic and professional photography can sell products. Make sure you take the time and effort to ensure that the images you choose for your advertising not only look right but work well.

Have you ever viewed products online or in a catalog and decided not to buy the product simply because of the picture quality?

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