Many businesses like to send their clients year-end gifts to thank them for their business. Some send food items, some send novelty items and some will send special cards of thanks. There really is no strict rule to follow with holiday gift giving except that the gift should be a thoughtful one. You don’t want your gift to be too expensive or extravagant and yet it should not look cheap. Gag gifts are hard to pull off and unless you are positive that the joke will be taken the right way, forget the gag gift!

Saying thank you offers you the opportunity to let your clients know when you’ll be closed for business during the holidays and if you are offering any year end specials. Sometimes the most simple and sincere gestures will help you connect with your clients and customers on a more meaningful level.

Holiday greetings and birthday cards should be sent to everyone on your client list but you should do something more for your loyal customers. Maybe something like a fruit basket or gift card. Make sure you enclose a personalized thank you note expressing your gratitude. Hand deliver the entire package for maximum results.

Your top clients will likely be even more appreciative if you help them boost their bottom line by giving them special year-end discounts. You will make up for any loss by the extra volume these discounts will bring.

How do you express gratitude to your customers during the holidays? Which customer gifts have worked best for you?