We’ve all read some taglines that fall short because they are difficult to remember and fail to connect or identify with a brand. In these cases, you can bet that there was a misalignment between business goals and brand positioning. At Charene Creative, we believe a tagline must be simple, concise, memorable, easy to say and an accurate representation of the brand promise.

Beyond those guidelines, ask a few basic questions to help create a well-crafted tagline that resonates with your audience and helps define the unique value you provide.

1. What is the ultimate benefit I want my customer to gain?

2. How will my product make my customers life better?

3. Why is my business better than my competitions?

There really are no rules on how to create a successful tagline and they can take on many forms. Just don’t be too generic or brag about something you can’t live up to. Sometimes being too clever might not do the trick either. We didn’t say this was easy, but when a tagline works, it’s a powerful marketing tool that can anchor a brand message.

Creating the right one can seem daunting, but we’re here for you if you decide you’d like help.