Most of us spend a lot of time trying to fit in and be like everyone else. There are exceptions, but most people feel much safer going through life trying really hard not to attract attention to themselves.

Fear and self-doubt are all obstacles that keep us from really shining in our own unique way. This also applies to marketing a business where it is so important to stand out in the crowd instead of blending in with the competition.

Put yourself in your customers shoes. If your company looks just like all your competitors, why would they choose you instead of them?

To stand out and differentiate yourself in today’s noisy competitive business world, you need to find ways to be unique. What your competitors may consider to be insignificant may just turn out to be the benefit you could use to get the attention of your customer!

Think of things that drive your customer crazy or mad about your industry and then look for ways to solve the problem. Do it in a way that no one else does and separate yourself from the masses.

Once you have your branding message defined, repeat it, over and over again, and let your customer know how your product or service can make life better for them. You don’t need millions of advertising dollars to be visible either.

Your goal ultimately, is to solve a problem by identifying a need. Be innovative in your approach to grab the customers attention, say you can fix their problem and make an offer with a clear call to action! Stop being afraid and remember it’s not about you, it’s about the customer!

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