Do you still think social media is a huge waste of time and nothing more than meaningless drivel? Okay, I agree with you that lunch and bathroom updates are unnecessary. And, I am certainly not interested in the status updates about peoples farms, fish tanks, cafes or Mafia, but I usually ignore or stop following the people who post that kind of stuff.

I had to chuckle the other night as I watched the evening news report on social media and its growth. The broadcast claimed that while many industries are still slow to hire, social media will create job opportunities for thousands this year!

A National Survey of Marketing executives found 19 percent planned on hiring social media positions in the second quarter of 2011, 16 percent to handle media services, both outnumbering the 14 percent who said they’re going to hire accountants.

Finally, after years of pushing social media, maybe those people who thought it was just a fleeting fad, will see the light. Maybe they will finally see that alerts and recommendations from friends and colleagues are influencing purchasing decisions.

Whether you are looking for a new career as a social media expert or want to increase your own corporate sales, start blogging, tweeting or posting on someone’s wall. Not sure where to start? Ask for help from those of us who have been preaching the amazing benefits of blogging and social media for years!

After all, social media is really nothing more than a new twist on good, old-fashioned relationship building! Always practice proper etiquette and brush up on your people skills in order to develop and maintain quality relationships online. It’s all about building trust, listening and giving.

What about you? Do you still need convincing that social media is worthwhile or have you seen the light?

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