GLT Corporate Identity

The Web has made snail mail seem old fashioned and inefficient. We’ve got text messages, Tweets and email to communicate with customers, right?

Most consumers will look up a business online to make sure they are legitimate before they will ever consider contacting them. Having a website presence is critical in terms of business credibility, but what about after the initial contact?

Corporate Identity elements like a letterhead, business card and matching envelope serve a very valuable role in branding and maintaining a business image. They help provide a level of formality, trust, security and credibility that is a must in certain professions and industries. These branding elements show that you’re here to stay, serious about your business and have the financial support to operate effectively.

Your professionally printed letterhead should include all corporate contact information including address, phone, email and website address. The one major possible addition would be to include your company’s Twitter and Facebook Fan page URL, but only if it seems professionally appropriate for your industry.

The overall look and feel of your letterhead and matching envelopes should be consistent with all your other marketing materials, including your online presence, to create a unified corporate identity. Elements like color, logo and font all create your company’s visual image which can either attract or turn off a new customer.

So, it’s really important that you create a strong brand awareness that communicates positive thoughts to your target audience. For example, whenever you see Coca-Cola’s simple red and white logo, you know it’s coke without question. If the coke logo was printed in green and white, you would be confused and wonder if it really is Coca-Cola. That is the type of visual recognition that symbolizes a strong brand awareness.

Every business understands the importance of a website, email and social media. A professionally printed corporate letterhead is just one more element that will define your brand and image to your clients.

Does the nature of your industry still require you to print corporate identity elements like stationary and envelopes? What are your thoughts, do you still use business cards?

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