One of the challenges for all advertisers in an economy where consumers have found an new sense of frugality is finding a way to position a product or service as unique and special. What makes you different? What makes you better than all the others?

It is our job to find ways to make businesses stand out and get attention. We constantly seek to communicate a clear and persuasive message using the tools that the clients budget will allow. Getting more done with less is the name of the game during this challenging time. So, how do we do it?

It is important to first and foremost determine who the clients audience is and then decide how best to communicate a message that is clear and effective. The public’s trust of businesses and institutions is at an all time low and so it is really important to build trust and convey integrity and authenticity in every message.

Once we understand who the audience is and what makes the most sense for those customers, we then decide what would it take to make those customers loyal to our client and their brand. What does the customer crave and desire? Better and more personal service? Uniqueness? Authenticity? It is important to find out what your customer wants and then build a relationship that allows for mistakes and creates a bond of loyalty.

It takes courage to give up trying to be everything to everybody but a loyal customer base will reward you for it. Remember that your customer will evolve over time and you must be willing to change and grow with them or be left behind.