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SocialMedia1Your customers and prospective customers are taking part in daily conversations about brands, sharing ideas, and expressing their pleasure and displeasure through the use of blogs, tweets, videos, and comments. By joining in the conversations, you’ll generate brand exposure and monitor your reputation at the same time.

Social Media works best when you connect with people on a deep emotional level that makes them want to share your message on their own. Social media is an incredible market research tool, better than anything else out there! It can instantly let you know what your customers are thinking and you can respond accordingly. In today’s online world, the customer has control, so meet them where they are and talk to them.

Social media really developed out of consumers frustration with the more traditional, pushed marketing and advertising approach. In order to develop a meaningful conversation on social media, you need to listen and engage with your customer by way of stories, advice, and support. Stop “selling” and begin to listen, engage, and add interesting content with real value to the lives of the people who follow you.

Social media campaign for Ohio Health Benefits

Blogging or content creation is a great way to become an expert in your field, reach millions of people and build brand awareness. Charene Creative can get you started with a customized WordPress blog that can function as your main website too!


In today’s online world, customers have multiple contact points with a brand – like Google, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, and LinkedIn – before deciding to buy from you. By owning and monitoring as many major online profiles as possible, your company will have a better understanding of how and where prospects are finding you, and what they are saying about your products or services.

Social media has become the most popular and common thing we all do online. It is not going away any time soon and new platforms continue to appear and develop as you are reading this. It makes sense to develop a social media strategy, if you haven’t already!

We are actively involved in the social culture and have seen first hand how social media can increase your profits, launch your brand and drive more traffic to your website! Charene Creative has been in business since 1986 and specializes in developing unique creative strategies that speak to your target audience in all media, both online, traditional and through social media services.

Our first step in launching a social media campaign is to listen to you and develop an understanding of your company goals and objectives. We’ll then present our recommendations and develop a social media plan that offers unique value based on your business and marketing budget.

Take the next step towards strengthening your company’s social media strategy. Schedule your free, no-obligation analysis today by calling us at (330) 524-5001 or fill out the form below!

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