Corporate Identity

A memorable logo is important and paves the way for effective branding. However, a brand is more than a logo. A brand is the emotion behind what someone feels, sees and tastes when they interact with your company on every level and in every detail. It’s your mission, vision, customer service, the way you speak and the quality of the sign on your door. This being said, a brand bears a lot of responsibility!

We listen to your vision and values so we can help shape your brand and elevate your logo to portray your business more effectively. Call us at (330) 524-5001 or email us at to get started or learn more about how we build brilliant and strong brands, like these client samples below.

Smooth Stone Foundation
NEO 5K Glo
Hy-Tech Controls
CTI Sensors
Weld 500 logo
Cosentino Pizzeria
Country Club Builders & Remodelers
Bremco Properties
Agora Nuevo Logo
neoGOnetwork Logo
Metropolitan Vet Hospital Logo
HiTech Industrial Logo
Boone Legal
Ohio Valley Business Advisors
Adventures in Northeast Ohio logo
Golden Rule Commerce
18 to 25
Betsy DuBois Talent Agency
Aurora Children's Early Learning Center
Western Reserve Safety Council
Credit Repair Resources
Kelco Transportation Services
L&M Legal
Portage Plumbing & Heating
Heritage Consulting Group
Root-Info Tech
Solon Chamber of Commerce
Aurora Wine Fest
Wellington Financial Solutions
Ohio Deputy Registrars Association
Ohio Health Benefits
Valley Christian Academy
The Cube
Dessert First...Taste

Your logo is one of the first elements in constructing your corporate identity, image and brand.

Kelco Transportation VanWhen you think about all the places your logo will appear, its design and scaleability are very important. It should easily be read in 20-foot letters on top of a billboard and still look just as good one fourth of an inch tall on your business card.

Your logo or corporate identity should revolve around every communication tool, in all media, that you use to differentiate yourself from your competition. Your brand is more than just the aesthetic look of your logo. A corporate brand identity involves the entire essence and personality of an organization. It’s what your customers think of you and say about you when they’ve left your company and a corporate identity is one part of what makes that first impression.

AppleTree BooksA professionally designed logo should reinforce corporate and brand recognition by leaving a lasting impression with your target audience. Whether you are emailing a promotion to your target market, handing out a spec sheet or website for potential clients to visit, your corporate identity is the first and sometimes the only thing a potential customer will see. Their first impression of you should convey a clear, consistent brand look and message of what your company stands for.

Pawsome PetsAs a branding + digital agency, Charene Creative designs customized corporate identity packages that will get you noticed and impact your bottom line. We have more than twenty eight years experience in creating unique logo designs and branding campaigns for our clients.

LogoSSFWe understand just how critical a custom designed logo and corporate identity can be. Our goal is to provide you with a unique, eye-catching, professional corporate identity package that you will love and be proud of, at a price that will fit your budget. Whether you need a new logo to establish an identity for the first time, or want to evolve an existing identity, let us guide you through the process of building your brand.

LogoRAHBefore we begin to create a unique logo design and corporate identity for you, Charene Creative takes the time to get to know you and your business. We ask a lot of questions about what your company does and what you think your corporate culture and values are. We typically will show you anywhere from 5 to 8 different logo design concepts and then develop and refine based on your feedback.

Below are all the logo variations shown to Beacon CFO PLUS.

 Beacon CFO PLUS logo idea A

 Beacon CFO PLUS logo idea B

 Beacon CFO PLUS logo idea C

 Beacon CFO PLUS logo idea D

 Beacon CFO PLUS logo idea E

 Beacon CFO PLUS logo idea F

 Beacon CFO PLUS logo idea G

 Beacon CFO PLUS logo idea H

 Beacon CFO PLUS logo idea I

 Beacon CFO PLUS logo idea J

Final logo chosen by Beacon CFO PLUS with slight revisions from above variation.












Final logo chosen by PSW Surface Profiles with slight revisions from above variation.


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