Whether you are a high-priced lawyer or a volunteer at a bake sale, somewhere along the line you are going to have to sell yourself and your products. Most of us hate the thought of selling anything. Some of us might even think we have found the perfect profession in which we won’t EVER have to sell anything. Wrong!

Why do so many of us view sales as a sleazy or dishonest profession? Is it because we think a truly successful salesperson will say or do just about anything to get as many people as possible to buy his/her product or service?

We all hate the feeling of being misled and manipulated by someone trying to sell something! Everyone has run into the stereotypical dishonest, pushy, deceitful and overly aggressive salesperson. So, is it fair to say that the word honest and sales just don’t seem to go together?

Actually, the exact opposite is true. Integrity and a good reputation within sales is everything. If you earn a reputation as being dishonest with your customer, eventually nobody will buy anything from you and your business will eventually disappear. Honesty truly is the best policy and this is something that you MUST earn by honoring your promises!

Selling, if done properly, is really nothing more than servicing your clients. Making that initial sale is just the beginning. After that, you need to closely follow-up and take care to treat the customer well and make sure that your company is performing the quality of service that you promised them at the time of the initial sale.

A good salesperson needs to really believe that they are helping people by providing a product or service which will benefit others. A GREAT salesperson is skilled at engaging and making lasting, meaningful connections with customers. They also understand that selling is not about taking, its about giving and building relationships.

What about you? Do you enjoy the art of a sale or cringe at the thought of selling anything? What do you think are common characteristics shared by successful salespeople?