Both your parents and kids generations are online searching for information and quality content. Why not wow them with a fun, memorable and entertaining video, turning casual browsers into paying customers!

Video marketing can help bring your business to life, extend your reach and expand your credibility. A professionally produced video may just be the thing that sets your business apart from your competition and lead to increased revenue!

Maybe your product or service is complicated to explain and an entertaining how-to video or educational tip can help demonstrate and convey complex information more clearly than the written word. Perhaps a video can help train or answer common customer questions saving you valuable time and money.

Most people prefer seeing moving pictures and a story through video to reading lots of text. A video can not only help to educate customers, but also make them feel more confident about your product and brand.

Before you go out and buy a video camera, you should understand that any video you produce should be shot and then edited down with music and sound effects. To create a professional looking video, you need the right tools including some creativity to come up with a good idea.

If your video is being used as a promotional piece, we recommend it not be more than two minutes long. An educational or how-to video can run longer, but keep in mind that you’ll loose your audience quickly if it is dull and boring.

Just like any marketing or advertising you create, keep in mind who your target market is and the message you want to convey. Make sure to end your video with a call to action and contact information so people know where to go and how to reach you. Your video should entertain viewers, but also have the same look and feel of your brand so your audience will remember you.

Placing a video on your website alone will not do anything, you have to promote and market it.

You should include your videos on several video sharing websites like YouTube with a hyperlink back to your own website or blog where you can hopefully find new fans and paying customers! Post your video on all social networking sites including Facebook and Twitter. Email your video link to contacts and make it a part of your email signature.

Video marketing is a great way to improve your brand’s visibility, increase web traffic, engagement, and ultimately sales. From planning to execution, creating a video can be a bit more challenging than other forms of marketing, but you can reach a much larger audience.

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