Santa Claus has an image like no one else. The jolly, large bearded man dressed in a red-and-white suit, is a prime example of brand purpose and messaging in perfect alignment. Manned by elves and traveling in a sleigh, Santa knows his target audience.

Take a look at your business, what is the message you portray and does it resonate with your target market? When your clients see a certain color, font, design and message, do they immediately think of your business? They should.

We can all learn a lot from Santa, even if he is an imaginary (secular) character. Whether you need a complete brand overhaul or assistance with a single project for web design, logo creation, email marketing, print advertising, content development or social media, we can help. Let’s talk! Call  (330) 524-5001.

PS. Don’t forget to leave cookies and milk for Santa, and have a VERY Merry Christmas! HO! HO! HO!