The premise is simple: when someone does something nice for you, you will have a deep-rooted psychological urge to do something nice in return. In today’s craziness, it’s what will help you stand out and keep your customers coming back. Go above and beyond for customers and get rewarded with repeat business and referrals. The execution, however, can be tricky.

When you establish yourself as an honest, sincere, and credible person – you build trust. In a world overrun with fake news, consumers are experiencing a crisis of faith. They can easily tell when someone isn’t genuine or sincere.

There is no need to be a pushy aggressive salesperson because that will inspire only cynicism and distrust. Work hard at getting your name out there, while you develop an authentic brand  message and let your reputation speak for itself!

What small thing can you provide today that your customers can really use and can also help make the world a better place?


Charene Creative is not affected by the Stay at Home Order that Ohio Governor Mike DeWine announced on Sunday. I will continue to work and help my clients through this very difficult time. 

It is because of my faith in God and the grace He has freely given to me that I can deal with the stress and frustration of these last few weeks. If I can be of any help or offer any assistance, please reach out. You can also send me any prayer request in regard to anything since I am actively in prayer daily for my family, business and country.