With the rise of the internet and social media, managing a brand’s reputation can be a huge challenge. Your corporate reputation comes from peoples experience of your brand. So, are you doing everything you can to make sure that your customers’ experience is positive?

A brand reputation can be viewed just like a personal reputation. It is based on the conduct and actions of your company and how you are perceived by others. Define your corporate values by writing them down and discussing them with everyone in your company. The core values of a company need to not only be known and discussed but embraced by EVERY person in your business.

How do you want others to view your brand? Is it unique and does it offer something special? Do you want to be seen as authentic? Do you want to communicate that you will deliver products and services that create exceptional value for your customer? Do you want to convey that you will uphold the highest standards of ethical behavior and honesty at all times? Keep making the questions personal.

A brand with a good reputation is one that cares deeply about their customers experience. This can only be done by communicating your corporate values consistently –not only in the product or service itself but in its advertising and marketing, product design and packaging, and with every department that comes in contact with your customer. These core values should be reflected in everything you do and every interaction you have. They should be the foundation from which you make every decision.

The biggest complaint people have about companies, and this can make or break brands, is customer service. The best way to deal with negative complaints about your product or service is to set things right with an angry customer immediately, and empower your employees to do the same. Chances are good that you will win a loyal customer for life, and even generate referrals from this person.

Have you ever been so angry with a company that you made the decision to never, ever, use their services again? I know that I have. Choose your corporate values carefully and make sure you deliver or you will develop a reputation for not being trusted.