The above quote by avant-garde British filmmaker Derek Jarman is a simile which is basically a specific type of metaphor of how he saw the color red. (The grammar and language definition geeks will be correcting me, but that is how I see it!)

Red is the strongest and most potent color in the spectrum and is associated with love, passion, blood, war, leadership, courage, heat, and desire. Red is an intense color that is packed with conflicting emotions.

Metaphors and similes are common in everyday language and influence our attitudes, beliefs, and actions in really hidden and surprising ways. The professions of psychology, politics and science all speak in figurative language to spice up their work. In business, metaphors and similes reflect creativity and innovation; in advertising, they help to influence our purchasing decisions.

Metaphors and similes can also help with problem solving and developing creative solutions to almost any situation. Think about it the next time you are faced with a challenge. Instead of describing it in words, think in symbols, comparisons and different associations. Ask yourself what your challenge reminds you of. Shake up your thinking pattern!

The answer or solution might be right in front of you. Finding creative solutions is really nothing more than looking at something familiar in a new and different way.

Give it a try. There are no right or wrong answers. If you could explain red in a metaphorical way, what might you say and why?