Let’s face it, if you have a business you are probably on Facebook. Supplying good content, along with networking can drive new fans to “like” your Facebook page, but everyone wants more “likes”. So, how can you intentionally go out looking for new fans?

There are many ideas, but one that works like a charm is to offer an enticing promotion! We have a whole series of promotional items we use as giveaways to prospective clients and one of them is a baby bottle piggy bank that fits right in with our tagline, Where Advertising Ideas are Born!

Right now, we are running a promotion that offers new fans, current prospects and clients a chance to enter to win money by guessing how much cash we stuffed in one of our baby bottle piggy banks.

We created a video for this special fan promotion and posted it on the homepage of our website. We uploaded the video to YouTube and added a link to the video on every email signature we send out. We also placed pictures of the bottle stuffed with cash on our Facebook wall along with the video. Everything points back to our website and reflects our brand.

Contestants simply “like” us on Facebook and comment on our wall how much they think is in the bottle. We are also advertising the promotion through a business to business show, LinkedIn, how-to blog articles like this as well as on Twitter. We are excited as we watch our fan base increase in size.

It’s a simple promotion that offers customers a benefit for connecting with our brand. Contests, giveaways, sweepstakes and photo contests are just a few ways to make potential customers feel that liking you has a reward.

Be patient and understand that unless you are a celebrity or big name brand, it will take time to build your fan base! What about you. How are you building your Facebook fan base? Share with us ideas that have worked for you.