Here’s a weird story that will shock and seem so strange and unusual that readers might question the claim. A majority of all consumers turn to search engines when looking for local services, yet a staggering percentage of small businesses still don’t have a website!

What an astonishing claim! To even consider operating a business in this day and age without a website? Even Robert Ripley himself would be horrified. When I am a customer, the first thing I look for is the company’s online presence. Forget the Yellow Pages! I haven’t used one of those for at least a decade and let’s just say I am old enough to remember a rotary dial phone.

It is hard to believe that many small business owners think that having a website today is just not an essential part of their business. I am also surprised by how many people I meet and talk with who don’t understand how to use the web beyond searching for something.

In most cases, when I run across one of these business owners they tell me they don’t need a website because their customers aren’t on the internet. I have even been told they don’t want, or need any new customers. Really? I guess that means all potential customers are finding their competitors online and they don’t care?

We even had a client approach us to create a social media strategy for their company, yet they still did not have a website. That’s kind of like putting the cart before the horse. The success of social media has proven that people are interested in the story of your company.

A website gives a business a chance to do just that, tell their story. Your website is what’s going to get you ranked so people can find you and know you are serious. A good marketing plan along with email and social media should all exist together to drive potential customers to your website.

So, I guess there still is a huge opportunity to educate folks on how the investment of a website will impact their bottom line. Even the simple act of collecting email addresses and building a list for future marketing can seem like a foreign language to many businesses today.

We better get busy and help these businesses enter the digital age! Any thoughts?