In order to create a successful logo design, Charene Creative begins with a client meeting where we discuss preferences, expectations and general thoughts on what they are looking for in a logo. Once we feel comfortable with what the client likes, we sit down and brainstorm ideas digitally over a two week period.

When these designs are completed, we share them with fresh eyes and make minor edits before presenting to the client. To highlight this process, we’ve included variations from the logo design project we worked on for MillCos Hospitality Group, LLC.

After seeing a variety of logo options, MillCos Hospitality Group shared with us what they liked and then we went back and revised options based on that feedback. The next round of revisions typically include swapping fonts, themes and colors while mixing and matching different elements from the logo variations.

You can see from the final logo chosen that MillCos Hospitality Group really liked the oval shape with script type for both the pizzeria and cafe. Although they could have chosen different logo designs for each restaurant, they liked the similar brand identity. We revised the graphic elements within the oval several times until getting it just right for the client.

During the process we try to guide the client on how each variation will transfer on web and print applications including scalability issues that may occur. Ultimately, the client makes the final decision on the design chosen. Once the process is complete, the client is provided the logo in every formatting or size they need including original vector art.

About MillCos Hospitality Group, LLC.: Longtime Cleveland chef and restaurateur, David Cosentino and partners Paul Miller and Evalyn Naylor will soon open a pizzeria in Rootstown Ohio with more locations to be announced later this year.  Both locations will feature favorite Italian dishes with a modern twist! Charene Creative is also working on their website but until it goes live, please visit them online at

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