Today, technology changes rapidly and that includes the cell phone market. Consumers are quickly moving away from the traditional devices used to make calls and send text messages to smartphones which are more interactive.

The cell phone evolution has dramatically changed how people see and use their phones. The smartphone is smart because it can search the internet, send and receive email, play games, interact through social media sites, take and shoot photographs and video, download music and movies, all while a person is on the move.

As the mobile generation continues to grow and smartphone technology becomes more affordable, more and more users will reach your website using mobile devices. Your brand should be as mobile as your customer with a website that works on multiple formats and a wide range of internet mobile devices.

In addition to all the different types of smartphones and tablets, there are many different website browsers like Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Explorer to consider along with all the different versions of web browsers, plug-ins, add-ons and widgets. The mobile web has complicated things and introduced several compatibility issues so make sure your web designer understands mobile web development.

Did you know that if you have flash on your website, then millions of iPhone and iPad users can’t see your website content? Flash is great for games and multimedia but the first job of any website is to deliver content over multiple platforms to reach your target audience.

Maybe someday soon there will be a fix to the Flash compatibility issue on Apple mobile devices, but for now it is best to design a cross-platform website without Flash. Mobile usability testing should be done to make sure your website is optimized for the iPhone and smartphone market to ensure a great user experience on all platforms including the mobile web.

As smartphones and tablet purchases continue to outsell PC sales worldwide, it is critical that your website be properly optimized for the mobile visitor. Is your website ready?

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