There is no shame in being 49, is there? After all, I’ve got gray hair and have no intention of dying it! The worst part for me was putting off getting my first set of bifocals. Not sure why I waited so long?

I got the progressive kind with no lines and I love them. The best part is being able to see all that small type on business cards! I don’t understand what motivates some designers to make images and type so small and unreadable.

It is also very annoying when a web designer does not take into consideration different browsers when creating websites. My iMac’s widescreen is 24″ and everything looks terrific on it. When I create a new website, I always check the format on a small computer screen to see how the design translates and if it is readable. The same can be said for your corporate logo.

Your company’s custom logo should be easily read in 20-foot letters on top of a billboard and still look just as good one fourth of an inch tall on your business card. When you think about all the places your logo will appear, its design and scaleability are very important. Your logo is the first element in constructing your corporate identity, image and brand.

A good scalable design is crucial to the success of your brand identity. In order to be recognizable and excite your audience it must be readable, visually pleasing and unique. A logo that is easy to read will be easier for customers to remember.

Your logo must also look just as good in full-color as it does in black and white. Do not use photography in your logo. Photos do not reproduce well when scaled and can cause confusion for your brand.

The purpose of a logo is to create an unforgettable, lasting impression in the mind of your prospective customer. A professionally designed logo must look exactly the same on all corporate elements, online and on traditional media.