If your business has survived for 10 years or more, stand up and give yourself a big pat on your back. As a matter of fact, you deserve a standing ovation. What an accomplishment! If you haven’t done anything to update your logo or brand identity during those last 10 or 15 years, sit back down. You’re probably well overdue for a touch-up or maybe even a complete, top-to-bottom, brand makeover. This includes what your website should look like, your tag line or slogan and everything else that is a reflection of what your brand represents.

Don’t be ashamed if you have been neglectful of your corporate image. It can happen to anyone, even tech savvy, creative people like us. We are currently in the process of a brand makeover, our second in 24 years of business. A new corporate logo is the most visible change in our makeover and extends to website design, tag line and every aspect of our marketing and social media.

We even slightly modified our corporate name to better reflect our offerings and services. We are a very different company today than we were when we first started out. Our new logo and modified name is meant to change the perception that we are more than just a graphic design company.

It is a new world, thanks to the explosive growth of the worldwide internet. The business climate, for just about every industry, is more competitive and challenging than ever before. To stay profitable, you may need to redefine or reexamine your core strengths and then ask yourself if your company brand still reflects and supports those strengths. If you answered NO, then you may need to consider a brand facelift to better communicate, clarify and support your message.

What do you think about brand makeovers? Are they good or bad for business?