Maybe, but what you should really ask yourself is if you can live up to the brand  reputation you’ve taken the time and money to build. Many businesses are confused by the concept of a brand and exactly what it is.

Does a brand revolve around your company name or logo? What about your website? Or, maybe it’s the slogan or tag line you’ve created for your company? What about your packaging? Maybe a brand represents the solution to a problem that your product or service offers to consumers?

While all of these things are a piece of the branding puzzle, they do not really define the concept of what a brand truly is. A strong brand strategy really revolves around building trust, credibility and loyalty in the consumers mind. For any company to be successful with their brand, they must immediately make the consumer understand what they are promising and then deliver on that promise with each and every interaction.

Branding revolves around every single aspect of a business and if done correctly will differentiate your product from others in the marketplace. As important as your marketing and advertising efforts are to your brand, communicating your message to your employees and sales force is just as important. Make sure they understand how they should answers the phone, handle complaints, dress and act around your customers.

Each and every one of these things communicate something about your brand. It is about creating a feeling of safety and reliability in the minds of your clients and customers. It is about proving to them that you can make their life easier, happier and more productive. Consumers buy more than a commodity or a service. They are buying the image associated with the product. Make sure you can live up to the image you’ve taken the time to build or they will turn and walk away!