All email marketing programs will prompt you to enter a subject for your email and because it is the very first thing your recipient will see, how it is written could determine whether or not they will open your email. So, it is important to compose your subject line to capture the recipients’ interest and get them excited to read your entire email.

Consumers are very sophisticated and will recognize a message that appears to be junk or spam and will delete your message. That is why it is so important to stay away from unbelievable claims and offers within the subject line that appear too pushy. Don’t write your subject lines like you would an advertisement.

Do not use all capital letters or include exclamation marks, because that increases the chance of you getting flagged as spam. Try to stay away from words like free, help, or percent off because they will trigger spam filters or negatively affect your open rates. Remember that your email marketing subject line should encourage people to open the message and read it in full.

Keep the subject line to fewer than 8 words because most email programs have a limit to how many characters can be recognized in the email subject. If your recipients can’t read your entire subject line because it’s too long, chances are they won’t open your e-mail. Write about what will benefit them if they open your email. For example, change this “Pete’s Tip of the Week” subject line to “Pete’s Tip: 10 Ways to Increase Sales”.

Incorporating your company name in the subject line of your email promotes your brand and lets the recipient know that the email is from a credible source. It also increases open rates to personalize the subject line with the recipient’s name. The recipient assumes you know them and is more likely to open your email.

When doing e-mail promotions, your subject line can literally make or break your email success rate. Give it as much thought as you do to what’s in the email itself. Make sure you know your target audience so you can develop relevant subject lines and your emails will get opened.