Ok, it could be any business, whether you are a service business, retail business, financial planner, or whatever. No matter what, you will be more effective when you understand your target market.

Which businesses need Interior design services? Which ones can afford it and will pay for it? Why? A small business may not be the ideal client. Some small businesses are very price sensitive and do more for themselves rather than pay someone else.

You must determine the needs and wants of your target market. Do they have walk-in traffic and customers visiting them? If not, then a well designed office space just may not be a priority! So, you need to target the businesses that deal with customers directly where they have high traffic volumes visiting their office. These businesses need a well designed presentable office or retail space or they could loose customers.

Next, you need to determine the really compelling reasons why these businesses should use a Interior Decorator. Maybe in addition to interior design services you also sell office furniture and window treatments and have a painter on staff. So therefore, you can save your potential client time and money dealing with other suppliers during their office design or redesign. The key is to establish what makes you different from the competition.

Once you understand the true needs of your potential client and you have identified what makes you unique from the competition then a marketing or advertising strategy can be developed that will get you the results you need.