What happens when two Creative Directors marry each other? Answer: Creative Mates. So, naturally, last night our conversation revolved around the new social networking site called Goggle+.

My husband said to me, “Guess who I added to my circle of friends on Goggle+?” “Who,” I said. “William Shatner,” he said. “No way,” I said! “Really, I added him to a new circle that I call interesting people,” said my husband.

It seems Google+ booted William Shatner temporarily out because his account was flagged for violating standards, or so it’s thought, Captain Kirk might have been an impostor. Either way, my husband was so intrigued that he searched for him on Google+ and he’s back! He simply added Mr. Shatner into a circle he called interesting people. Just like that!

Google+ launched to the public on June 28, 2011 as a limited field test and is available by invite-only. They are strict with their rules and have been kicking people and groups out for violating standards. It seems Google’s tight security actually reassure many users.

The new social networking site makes sure that those who sign up are who they say they are, unlike many other social networks. Google+ easily integrates with Google’s maps and images and was designed to help people organize social contacts easily into many different custom groups or circles.

Our 20-year-old daughter actually invited us into Google+. It seems she likes it better than Facebook. When I asked her why, she responded it is because she can edit comments unlike Facebook, follow people like Twitter without them following or friending her. And, then there is the video sharing and face-to-face group chat within circles, sort of like Skype, that has incredible and exciting possibilities.

Could Google+ combine the best features of all the major social network players and actually replace them? Who would have ever imagined that Redbox kiosks and Netflix would put Blockbuster and Hollywood video out of business? Or, how about Kindle replacing bookstores like Borders? Let’s face it, we live in a quickly changing digital world and everything we do and everyplace we go now involves electronic media.

Let us know if you would like an invitation to Google+ and maybe you can find some interesting people as well! Or, maybe you’re already signed up with Google+. What features do you like best about this new social networking site?

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