I find it interesting that the financially sensible choice, the frugal choice, has suddenly become socially acceptable. When did that change? Are consumers returning to the savings ways of previous generations mostly because they’re the environmental green choice or to just save money during these tough financial times?

I guess I have always been frugal. Or, you could say I am cheap. My father, who I miss dearly, always would say, “you still have your communion money”? This ability to live on little has been a great asset to my clients.

It is possible to create a marketing program that results in a steady stream of new clients without spending every cent you have. Advertising, when properly done, is NOT an expense, it is an investment. Here are a few frugal marketing ideas to ponder.

  1. Contact the editorial staff of newspapers or radio stations. If your message is newsworthy and not considered advertising, they may consider writing or airing a feature story. Excellent free publicity!
  2. Coupons can be handed out just about anyplace not just in big direct mail campaigns. You can send them to a few of your best customers or include them in customer orders, hand them out at your next trade show or chamber event or send out e-blasts to your current email customers.
  3. Use your email signature line to promote your business or your unique weekly/monthly sales or promotional pitch. Chances are that these customers, prospects, and colleagues are your key target market and you aren’t spending a dime utilizing your email signature line to promote your product.
  4. Network with local business groups as long as membership fees are fair and reasonable. Take advantage of local chamber sponsorships or speaking opportunities which can make you an expert in your field.

You may need to invest a few dollars to make many, but with frugal marketing strategies you can limit marketing expenditures and maximize your profits.