You’ve been their, I know it. Your are at a networking function and you are approached by a pushy sales rep who looks in your eyes and only sees dollar signs! His aggressive, underhanded tactics go beyond obnoxious and border on down right dishonesty! He is cheesy, embarrassing and annoying as you watch him work the room. What he really communicates to potential clients is a total lack of human connection with anyone and everyone he approaches. Does he really think he will make a sale?

Or, maybe your sitting at your computer working diligently and you are bombarded by numerous spam emails mostly from the same company. You know, the one who is always sending you multiple emails with the same promotional links that are nothing more than spam. They tell you that you will save or make a ton of money or loose weight or whatever… doing absolutely nothing at all! There are only so many spots left to sign up for their webinar so you had better hurry up or loose out on a once in a lifetime opportunity. Not only do these sleazy marketers insult our intelligence, but they plainly lie to us. And, even though you take the time to unsubscribe from their list, you still end up getting their emails.

There is a fine line between marketing your company and being obnoxious and annoying. Take the time to interact with your customers and get to know them on a deeper level which will greatly reduce the annoyance factor. Being too pushy is the ultimate turn-off whether you are selling a product or looking for the love of your life! The days of traditional hard-sell mass marketing have disappeared forever and so must that pushy, over the top, sales rep. For goodness sake, talk to your sales team and make sure they know how to build quality business relationships that will inspire trust AND sales. Share with us a time you encountered this type of aggressive sales pitch and how it framed your opinion of a company.