Have you ever sat at your desk and felt that using “Eeny, meeny, miny, moe” was as good a way as any to pick out a tagline for your business? While it might be a perfectly good way to choose your favorite dessert, there are better ways to go about picking an important part of your brand identity!

The purpose of a corporate tagline is to give your prospective customer another reason to remember your business. A tagline is basically a six to seven keyword description that appears under or by your corporate logo. Taglines or slogans can be very powerful and create a tone or feeling that defines your unique corporate image and sets your business apart from your competitors.

A tagline should communicate all the fantastic things about your product or service in just a few clever words. Be very careful about creating a tagline that is too wordy, generic or one that requires further explanation. Combining the perfect message and strategy while keeping it simple is key. People tend to remember taglines that communicate a message quickly and are memorable.

Crafting a unique slogan can also work wonders for your website traffic. This is especially true if your domain name does not include SEO friendly keywords. By including just the right words within your tagline, you can achieve more search results, better sales and business online.

A really great slogan will leave a special feeling or emotional attachment between you and your customer. As an example, these are a few of my all time favorites:

“Melts in your mouth, not in your hands.” (M&Ms)

“Let your fingers do the walking.” (Yellow Pages)

“It’s the real thing.” (Coca-Cola)

“Finger-lickin’ good!” (Kentucky Fried Chicken)

Writing a memorable tagline that captures the essence and promise of a brand is not as easy as it seems. A lot of research must go into determining what sets a business apart, who are their customers and what do they value.

Really great taglines are the ones that talk about benefits a customer gains if they buy your product or service. Benefits tell people what’s in it for them.

Do you have a favorite tagline or slogan?