Ever had a problem that you just could not solve? My personal and professional experience has proven that problem-solving is easier when you approach it from a “visual thinking” process and the simple art of doodling helps. Doodling is drawing or writing that is done without conscious thought and can be as simple as creating a few lines or as complex as a structured diagram.

There is no right way or wrong way to complete a doodle and they are not a test of artistic skill as much as creativity that is unique to you. A doodle really is creative freedom and you can use pencil, pen, paint, charcoal or any computer draw program you feel comfortable with. The point is to exercise your creative skills by finishing a doodle no matter what. Don’t worry that your doodle doesn’t make it into your local art museum.

I have found that children are the most creative with doodles because they are so imaginative. As we get older, we sometimes lose the voice of the expressive child inside us that still wants to play and be creative. So, invite your expressive self out to play and don’t worry what your doodles turn out like. They will be perfect and unique to you!

Doodling is a way to dig into your unconscious mind … STOP! Okay, maybe the art of the doodle is a little too important in my life. I will admit that when I picked up my son’s school schedule this week, I cared more about who his art teacher was than his english teacher. (sshh! Don’t tell!).

The next time your stumped by a problem, no matter what it is, get out a piece of paper and a pencil and doodle. Seriously, just start with any old line and go with it. Use your imagination, logic and creativity and write useful keywords related to your problem along with your doodles and you might just solve your problem. Just doodle what feels right and don’t worry if the left part of your brain feels uncomfortable.