What is it that you want your customer to know about your product or service and how is your marketing going to effect their buying decision? Is your marketing message emotional or logical and which works best for your product or service? Are you selling a couch with three cushions? (logical) Or are you selling the look, feel and comfort of snuggling with family on a couch in front of a fireplace on a cold winter night? (emotional)

Remember, that no one knows your business as well as you do. In order for your advertising to be successful, the most important part will be the message and knowing who will be interested in listening. If your advertising message is off target and you are talking to the wrong audience, you will have a poor response!

For instance, if you are selling do it yourself items, will your customers be more frugal working-class families or wealthy families with higher incomes? If you answered frugal working-class families, your right. So, why waste advertising dollars that reach wealthy people who are not your target market even though that media may also reach your ideal customer?

It is difficult to imagine that anyone would want to waste money by advertising the wrong message in the wrong place, especially in this economy. It may seem easy to place a newspaper ad, TV or radio commercial or set up a web presence and hope it reaches the right people, but if you haven’t a clue how to speak to your target audience, your marketing program will fall short.

It seems pretty obvious that an emotional advertising message will be far more powerful than a logical one, but it is much trickier to create. Your advertising agency must be able to do more than understand your message. They must be able to empathize and understand your target audience so they can craft a message around an experience that is believable!