Ask yourself, does your corporate brand have the power of attraction to instantly connect your product or service with others or is it dull and boring? Call it chemistry, magnetism or sparks, the power of attraction can be difficult to explain, but we can connect to it on a deep, emotional level.

What is it that draws this ideal customer to your business? I believe it is as simple as being yourself, understanding who your business serves and then discovering how to communicate that through behaviors, actions, words and corporate image.

As an example, if your product or service is perfect for young professions, chances are you’re not going to attract them by putting out the ‘I’m stodgy’ image. Nor will you look appealing to the more established, middle age crowd by trying to look too hip and trendy. Each and every target market needs a different look and feel to get those fires burning!

Make sure your company’s personality matches up with the people you’re trying to attract and then make them want you by coming up with great product benefits to solve their problems. If your name, slogan, website and corporate values all reinforce that you are the best at providing what they want, you’ll attract new customers willing to invest in your brand.

You can’t accomplish this if you confuse your potential customers by using a different logo or marketing message on each and every advertising element you create. Keep your communication consistent and focused on your target audience so they will want and remember you!

Remember, it’s all about image. Your corporate brand needs to look unique and act professional to survive in this age when consumers absorb thousands of commercial messages daily. Consumers are inundated with choices, so you need to build real trust and belief in your brand.

Just like a personal reputation can be tarnished, a brand must be carefully watched and protected. Be realistic and maintain your enthusiasm, but always innovate without forgetting who or what you are!

You can’t just communicate magnetism, you must be magnetic by acting truthful, authentic, passionate and loving towards your customer!

What about you? Do you know how to connect with your ideal customer or are you chasing them away?

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