Try it for yourself and search for Charene Creative. Google will respond with our main website first, but then will give you our Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Google+, several directory listings, LinkedIn and recent blog articles (in that order). This is true with many other search terms and the goal is to own page one in Google and knock out any similar named businesses from a search.

Creating social media content will help your business gain instant and timely rankings in search engines all while strengthening your brand and adding powerful inbound links to your website! Google your business name and see for yourself the value of social media sites!

Here are some tips for SEO ranking with social media:

  • Link all your social media pages to your website.
  • Secure your brand name or vanity url on all social sites.
  • Use your social media content to promote others and yourself (don’t shamelessly self promote 24/7).
  • Share current events, interesting information, run contests and discuss industry related topics.
  • Help others who don’t have a large following to create goodwill and build online relationships with other businesses who will then return the favor and hopefully share your stuff.
  • Do your best to respond and engage with everyone who connects with you through social media.
  • Post questions that invite discussions which will naturally attract more followers who will share your information and content.
  • Whenever possible, try to set up real face-to-face meetings with those you connect with through social media.
  • Make sure you give a description to each photo or video that you post on any social media site and consider keywords as you write them.
  • Add links to photo descriptions for another opportunity to create inbound links to the page.
  • Keep your posts new and interesting and try not to repost or share what others have created. Be creative and timely.
  • Keep your social profiles updated and regularly post content.
  • Send links out from your social media pages back to your website to ensure increased traffic whenever possible.

Do you use social media as a part of a strong SEO strategy? What else would you add to the list of suggestions above?

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