I hate my websiteDoes your website look outdated, forms don’t work well or is the user experience poor? Are you fed up with the person you hired to design your website? Sick of waiting months for it to be created or updated, paying a lot of money and then hating the results?

You’re not alone. Many businesses are just plain confused as to where to go or who to trust when hiring a web designer. They are frustrated by the experience and know that creating a new or updated website is not easy, takes time, energy and money.

THIS IS SO IMPORTANT, I BEG YOU – your online presence is critical to the success of your business! Look for a responsible, experienced, honest and creative web designer whether it’s us or someone else. And please, keep your website current. You don’t want customers to land on your website and find nothing but a blank page or outdated information.

Your website is an advertising piece just like your brochure and corporate identity so make sure you hire a web designer who understands branding and marketing. Many computer programmers understand how to build a website, but fall short in crafting a marketing message that reaches your target audience.

It is not a good idea to use a web design company to host your site and purchase your domain name. Oftentimes, businesses get confused about this and are told it is better to have everything in one place. The problem is that your web designer can hold you hostage in the future. Even worse, if they go out of business, not only do you loose access to your hosting account but you loose your name, forever! I have seen this happen on several occasions.

Building a website is a lot like adding an addition onto your home. You might be able to do it yourself, but over time you can do serious damage and probably won’t be very happy with the results. You also wouldn’t let your 16-year-old neighbor kid build an addition on to your home, so don’t ask him to build your website.

If you hate your own website, imagine how potential customers feel. Bottom line, if your website isn’t attractive, easy to read, and easy to navigate, potential customers will quickly leave!

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