I don’t know about you, but I think the best part about a delicious meal is the desert! Without it, the dinner, in my mind, is incomplete. And, who made up the rule that dessert is to be eaten after dinner? Was it started by parents, who were trying to manipulate kids to finish their dinners? Or, is it simply because we like to save the best tasting food for last?

I have the same philosophy about the value of a custom designed corporate logo. Some people, like myself, think a logo is crucial to the success of a company while others believe it is completely irrelevant. I often find myself having to deal and work with logos that were either created by the client themselves or one of those inexpensive logo design sources. I am the one who has to pick up the pieces and explain to the client why the logo won’t work on other applications and why it detracts from their corporate image.

The ultimate goal of a logo should be to represent your company in a positive, professional manner while communicating stability and reliability. A good logo will help your business stand out from everyone else, especially if it is promoted along side a strong marketing program.

Creating a good logo is a complicated process that takes time and effort. A professional designer will take the time to learn about a company and everything it stands for and refine it down to a simple, graphic form that visually communicates the corporate message. This logo needs to translate graphically on everything from a promotional pen to the illuminated sign outside your building and everything in between. The process is the ultimate design challenge.

A good logo design is a vital part of a successful business just like a big piece of chocolate cake makes your meal unforgettable. You can have the meal without the dessert, but there’s something about that really rich, gooey, decadent piece of chocolate cake that lingers in your memory and makes you want more.