Science has proven that color has an impact on our body’s physiology and mental states and can even influence a customer’s buying mood and perception of your business or product. It is very important to research your target customer when selecting colors for your company marketing materials and keep in mind that culture, race and gender play an important role in which colors to choose. Are your colors projecting the personality and image you want?

Colors have meaning and speak to our subconscious and can evoke positive or negative reactions. Red has been shown to stimulate anger and raise blood pressure while blue has the opposite effect and tends to calm moods.

Researchers have generally found that the color red when used with food products or services tends to stimulate hunger but has a negative effect when used in finance. Using blue colors with food subconsciously suppresses the appetite while in the medical industry it can be associated with poison and even death. The color brown seems to be a color that is safe, reliable and calming in just about every category.

You want to make sure that you don’t send the wrong message by using the wrong color. When color is used correctly, it adds impact and clarity to your message. When color is used incorrectly, it can compromise your message and confuse your target audience. Choosing colors that correspond with what you are trying to say will help strengthen your message.