Move over content, visual is now KING!

Why? Because the brain processes visuals faster than any other type of content and strong imagery is easier to digest on smartphones than text heavy pages. In fact, marketers who use visual content get more customer engagement, more leads, and more followers, which ultimately results in conversions. Below are some ways to create visual content to engage your audience. Take information you’d normally present in text form and turn it into an infographic that can be easily [...]

The Changing Face of TV, Video and Music Technology

Today, we have four different generations living and working together with a fifth soon to follow. Each has its own distinct values, behaviors and different preferences on how content is consumed. Understanding the nuances is essential for marketers trying to reach a specific target audience. The consistent takeaway is that concise and shorter content that is formatted for easy reading or viewing is more likely to appeal to all generations. As an example, the leading streaming-music service [...]

Share and watch live video broadcasts on your phone!

In today's constantly changing world of technology, complacency is a recipe for disaster. You may think because your website is mobile responsive and you have an amazing social media presence that you are doing everything right, that there is no need to change, regardless of what's happening around you. Bad idea! To stay relevant in the market today there has to be a constant desire to accept and be willing to change direction quickly all while embracing [...]

Mobile Search Results: Will Your Website Take a Hit?

Google is making huge changes starting on April 21, 2015 to its search algorithm to accommodate mobile audiences. Their purpose with these changes are to improve the mobile search experience. Not only will they label your site as mobile-friendly or NOT, but they will also use this info to determine if your site should rank higher in mobile search results. What does that mean for any site that's not mobile-friendly? Will those websites completely disappear from search [...]

Your Brand: Everything Changes on a Tiny Screen

It's pretty obvious that mobile has taken over and we all have these amazing little computers that we can hold in our hands. Savvy consumers are using mobile technology to research, communicate, share and purchase products. It's critical that brands learn to leverage all of the digital tools available to build relationships online. Can a visitor easily navigate your web pages from their smartphone? Is the information that's most needed by the user easily found on your [...]