Target Your Perfect Customer with Original Content

When you search Google you are looking for an answer to something, right? Keep that in mind the next time you post anything on your website or social media channel. Consumers are looking for information that can help them or teach them something new and they want it quickly. Publishing a blog or news feature on your website takes commitment, but is worth the effort. Businesses who post original content frequently increase SEO rankings, website traffic and [...]

New Year, New Brand: 3 Ways to Revitalize Your Business for 2015

In today's fast-paced, technology-driven world, growing your business requires embracing change and transforming how you market your brand. A good place to start is ask yourself this very simple question. Do you know your brand? Think about that question carefully. Does your brand accurately portray your identity, mission, culture and personality? What does being a brand truly mean and what are some words and images that you can use to describe yours? Don't just make a list [...]

Some Crazy Good, Year-End Advertising Advice

It's that time of year again and before you know it Christmas will be here – with January 1st right around the corner! This year, Charene Creative would like to offer you some advertising tips to jump start the new year in 2015. Don't hide your light – Make sure your target audience knows who you are by raising awareness of your business. Build a strong brand personality and communicate with your audience on a regular basis. [...]