The Changing Face of TV, Video and Music Technology

Today, we have four different generations living and working together with a fifth soon to follow. Each has its own distinct values, behaviors and different preferences on how content is consumed. Understanding the nuances is essential for marketers trying to reach a specific target audience. The consistent takeaway is that concise and shorter content that is formatted for easy reading or viewing is more likely to appeal to all generations. As an example, the leading streaming-music service [...]

8 Signs You Shouldn’t Hire That Web Designer

Every now and then I'm reminded that there are unethical web developers looking to take advantage of clients or maybe they just don't know any better. Either way, I hate explaining to anyone that they're going to have to pay me a lot of money because their web designer didn't do his/her job correctly. Plus, there's nothing I hate more than cleaning up someone else's mess! Choosing the wrong web designer can be costly and you may [...]

Get People Talking About Your Brand!

Word-of-mouth referrals have always been the most trusted form of advertising for consumers. Today those referrals are happening online through social media and reviews. In the beginning, many companies were afraid of social media because people might say bad things about them online. Until they realized that people were already talking about them. Brands finally figured out that they needed to monitor these conversations, become better listeners, build trust and develop open, honest customer relationships. I'm glad [...]