Give to Your Favorite Charity – Just By Working With Us!

Here at Charene Creative, we feel it’s important to give back and help make the world a better place. Together, we can make this a season of giving instead of getting. Whether you need a brand overhaul or assistance with a single project for print marketing, web design or social media, sign a contract with Charene Creative and we will donate $50 to your favorite charity! Call Charisse at (330) 524-5001 or email today! We'd be [...]

Cancer sucks: Shocking Anti-Tobacco Ads

I just lost another friend to cancer yesterday. He was diagnosed with oesophagus cancer in the Spring and became very sick, very quickly. Another good friend died from pancreatic cancer four years ago. It feels like cancer is an epidemic! Will cancer ever be eradicated? Decades of research and tons of money have been poured into cancer studies to tell us that both our genes and environment play a role. They've also shown there are things we [...]

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