The Changing Face of TV, Video and Music Technology

Today, we have four different generations living and working together with a fifth soon to follow. Each has its own distinct values, behaviors and different preferences on how content is consumed. Understanding the nuances is essential for marketers trying to reach a specific target audience. The consistent takeaway is that concise and shorter content that is formatted for easy reading or viewing is more likely to appeal to all generations. As an example, the leading streaming-music service [...]

Creating Content – Who’s got the time?

I hear this question a lot from my clients about creating compelling content on a consistent basis that people will read and share. Finding the time is hard and I can definitely relate. As a matter of fact, I haven't written a new article since the end of May. That's probably the longest stretch I've ever gone between posts. Hey, sometimes life and work gets in the way. I refuse to beat myself up though because I've [...]

SEO and Mobile Search Optimization

According to Google, more than 50% of all mobile searches are for local products or services. Today, smartphones have become personal computers that accompany us everywhere, every moment of our day, including bedtime. Since April 21st, Google began penalizing websites that don't provide a good mobile experience to those users. That means mobile search optimization and responsive web design are more important than ever and reach across most demographic audiences. SEO has changed drastically over the years [...]

Your Brand: Everything Changes on a Tiny Screen

It's pretty obvious that mobile has taken over and we all have these amazing little computers that we can hold in our hands. Savvy consumers are using mobile technology to research, communicate, share and purchase products. It's critical that brands learn to leverage all of the digital tools available to build relationships online. Can a visitor easily navigate your web pages from their smartphone? Is the information that's most needed by the user easily found on your [...]

Target Your Perfect Customer with Original Content

When you search Google you are looking for an answer to something, right? Keep that in mind the next time you post anything on your website or social media channel. Consumers are looking for information that can help them or teach them something new and they want it quickly. Publishing a blog or news feature on your website takes commitment, but is worth the effort. Businesses who post original content frequently increase SEO rankings, website traffic and [...]