Get People Talking About Your Brand!

Word-of-mouth referrals have always been the most trusted form of advertising for consumers. Today those referrals are happening online through social media and reviews. In the beginning, many companies were afraid of social media because people might say bad things about them online. Until they realized that people were already talking about them. Brands finally figured out that they needed to monitor these conversations, become better listeners, build trust and develop open, honest customer relationships. I'm glad [...]

Your Brand: Everything Changes on a Tiny Screen

It's pretty obvious that mobile has taken over and we all have these amazing little computers that we can hold in our hands. Savvy consumers are using mobile technology to research, communicate, share and purchase products. It's critical that brands learn to leverage all of the digital tools available to build relationships online. Can a visitor easily navigate your web pages from their smartphone? Is the information that's most needed by the user easily found on your [...]

Seriously Social: Navigating the Digital Age

Whether you're a startup or established business, it may be tempting to hand social media over to an intern or sales team member. But things are different today and as the leader of your company it's critical that you take social media seriously. The old ways of doing business no longer work. The connected world economy along with technology advances create competitive challenges that require owners to adapt quickly. Those who cannot, or will not change risk [...]

Monitor your reputation with Google Alerts!

I've never been one who's focused too much on what others think of me. However, when it comes to my business, reputation is something I'm very concerned about. In today's online world, there's no greater value than a spotless reputation. Others often decide our fate and all it takes is one negative statement from someone to influence whether you get in or pushed out of a deal. When it comes to social media, common sense should rule [...]