Reciprocity and your business

The premise is simple: when someone does something nice for you, you will have a deep-rooted psychological urge to do something nice in return. In today’s craziness, it’s what will help you stand out and keep your customers coming back. Go above and beyond for customers and get rewarded with repeat business and referrals. The execution, however, can be tricky. When you establish yourself as an honest, sincere, and credible person – you build trust. In a [...]

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Communities Thrive When Small Businesses Give Back

Did you know that for every dollar spent at a local business, more of it is re-spent in the local economy, as payroll, for local goods and services, and donations to area charities? That's cool stuff and means it's not just about keeping more local dollars, it's about making a social impact in our area communities! As a small business, Charene Creative knows what it's like to operate on a tight budget and juggle many hats. Giving [...]

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